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Passionate about writing? Do your interests lie within the field of art and culture? Write to our editor and see if you can collaborate with us as an author. It is an unpaid commitment but your name will start to show up on the web and your articles may attract an ever growing audience.

ZìrArt considers this form of collaboration as a way to get in touch with authors who want and need to use the blog as a “writing ground” and as a passion. If you think this could interest you, send an email containing a mock article at the following email address redazione@zirartmag.com – remember to use an impersonal style of writing and that the piece should be between 3,000 to 6,000 characters long.

Topics on which to write on can vary : they can be in-depth analysis on artists, reviews of exhibitions and events, articles on contemporary art or comics and so on and so forth. The editors reserve the right to pick and choose the articles to publish according to their editorial policy. The editors also reserve the right to correct, where necessary, spelling and typos without changing the scope of the article itself. Due to SEO indexing issues the title might also undergo a slight modification.

Make sure to send photographs you have taken yourself. If you decided to send photographs or images taken from the web be sure they are free to use (creative commons) and that they have no copyrights in place. If they do have copyrights in place be sure to state it and always mention the source and owner. The blog does not publish photos and/or images that do not meet these requirements.

If the collaboration with us becomes continuous, you could become an affirmed author and have your own personal page on the website.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email! We’re waiting for you.

The ZìrArtmag Team

P.S. The blog is also looking for translators (Italian to English). Feel like this could be your calling? Send us an email at the same email address listed above.