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The M.T.A Section of ZìrArtmag is dedicated entirely to artists. In this first year of activity we have published many stories on the blog and our work is ongoing, with interviews and insights, so as to continue to be a bridge you can travel through to get know artists from all over the world.

For this purpose, we’ve decided to launch a “smart” version of M.T.A, a sort of “virtual catalogue” which can be consulted so as get to know all the active artists on Instagram that ZìrArtmag supports, and which at a later date could become protagonists of further insights, study-visits and interviews to be read on the blog.

Step 1: Send a square format of your work, in high resolution, to

Step 2: Tell us your story! Send us a short bio and some information about the work, we will share it on Instagram and on our website.

N. B: this initiative is also open to organizations and galleries which want to present an artist (follow the same instructions).

Step 3: Stay updated! We will notify selected artists and will share with them updates on their project in our stories section.