Artist Submission

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Zirart is a parlour. It is a place to meet and share ideas and knowledge of affirmed artists as well as discover emerging, lesser known, ones. If you are an artist and you would like ZirArt to talk about you and/or your upcoming exhibition, don’t hesitate to send us a request! In your email please attach at least three photos of your work and don’t forget to include a short presentation as well as the link to your online portfolio.

Follow the instructions below to send us your request:

Send your application to, put “ARTIST SUBMISSION” in the subject field followed by your name and surname (or your stage name if your prefer). Then tell us about yourself, your story, your inspiration, passion and anything you think might be useful for us to know about you and your artistic work. Attach at least three photos of your work – take care to send us photos with a good resolution, files with low resolution cannot be used for the publication of an article and make it hard for us to make a decision (the minimum size of the images must be of 150 dpi). All done and sent the email? Great! We will get back to you as soon as possible, if we like your work we will write an article about you and share it on our social media.

ZirArt also promotes emerging artists through social media, specifically via Instagram where we share a real virtual gallery. So you can also submit your work to us through this channel using the hashtag #zirartmag every time you post a photo. Our team will then decide which work to share weekly on our Instagram profile, we will mention the names of the selected artists in our stories section every Sunday.

N.B.: Once the material has been received, the ZìrArt staff consider themselves to be authorized in the drafting and publishing of an article containing photos and other information provided by the artist. The editorial staff also reserves the right to select artists based on their editorial policy and will schedule publications according to organizational needs. Artists who send a submission request will be automatically signed up to the ZìrArt newsletter so they can receive information on upcoming articles as well as be updated on forthcoming events.