A tireless writer, always in search of beauty, she is the founder and curator of ZìrArtmag.


Graduated in Architecture in 2016, he is responsible for the technical and graphic management of the ZìrArtmag website.

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Aware that it’s just another pebble on the shore, ZìrArt was created to be “just” another space to talk about art.

The name ZìrArt comes from the Sardinian word “zira” which translated, among various options, can mean “strip” – a term which has remained dormant in our unconscious. We’re not sure if this is the conventional and most appropriate translation, what matters is we wanted the name of the blog to include the suffix “zìr”, in memory of its sparkling sound, so as to have a melodic and scratching tone at the same time.

Strip of paper, of cloth, of canvas, of newspaper: amidst the chaos of a hectic world in constant evolution, this oscillating and unstable vessel would like to share the beauty one can find before one’s eyes, taking into consideration art in its entirety – a 360° aspect. Not only articles and in-depth analysis but also interviews with artists, reviews and collaborations: a swarm of voices and ideas in a fertile ground with no boundaries.

ZìrArt is colour, form, discovery. It illustrates art, travelling throughout history, between past and present. It means to promote young artists and the publishing industry, with a special regard to art as prét-a-pòrter: art one can wear, crease, leaf through, live.





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