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Colours vol. 1 – Pink | Top #3 of the week

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Colours vol. 1 – Pink | The thread that binds today’s Top #3 of the week is the colour pink: used by David Shrigley, Kris Knight and Cba. This gentle colour, connected to the emotional sphere, is linked here by a large installation, a portrait and a painting. The three contemporary artists of this Top #3 reside in Japan, Canada and England; they are all active on  Instagram and their activity can be followed from anywhere in the world.

In time we will publish more Top #3 about colour, to discover all the colours of the rainbow. We may also repeat a colour as who knows how many pink works are waiting to be discovered and shared! Discover our ZìrArtmag ranking to stay up to date on new art trends, and meet artists from all over the world.

@davidshrigley | via @copenhagen_contemporary







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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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