Australia | Un omaggio ad arte da tutto il mondo

Non c’è differenza di nazione né cultura quando si tratta di catastrofi come quella avvenuta in Australia. L’ennesimo disastro ambientale che, dopo l’Amazzonia, lascia ancora una volta il mondo a bocca aperta.

Dal movimento Greta Thunberg alle azioni dei singoli, l’attenzione per l’ambiente è decisamente incrementata negli ultimi periodi. Si cerca infatti di salvare un mondo che, in continuo cambiamento, si sta sgretolando. Questa volta è toccato all’Australia e ai suoi animali. I numeri sono decisamente toccanti: si parla di circa un miliardo di animali morti. 

Se l’arte è l’unica forma in grado di durare nel tempo, alcuni artisti, sul web, hanno condiviso le loro emozioni con la community, attraverso delle opere che rendono omaggio agli animali che non sono sopravvissuti alla catastrofe.  

Svariate sono state le tecniche utilizzate, dall’acquarello al digitale per poi passare al fumetto e alla body painting. Di seguito alcuni degli artisti che abbiamo selezionato per voi:





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Lately, the news around the world has been awful. I posted this in my stories multiple times, but one of the things that several artists are raising awareness for is the Australian fires. . If you didn’t know, Australia is literally on fire. ONE BILLION animals are estimated to have died. More than 17.9 million acres have been burned in Australia so far. This is larger than the countries of Belgium and Denmark combined! It’s so bad, that the smoke is affecting other countries. . Please, please consider assisting by donating or sharing. It may seem like such a small gesture, but even a single share or donation amount counts. . Thank you! Please see a link in my bio for one of many places you can donate.

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As many of you guys may have already heard, Australia is burning. The bushfires have ravaged countless homes, destroyed millions of acres of land, and taken the lives of millions of animals across our country. It’s heartbreaking to watch all the footage of what’s going on, and right now our country needs all the help it can get. I want to contribute my part and donate to the efforts, so for the next week I’d like to donate 100% of any profits from my store (link is on my profile) to the @redcrossau and @wildlifevictoria. There’s not much on my store unfortunately, but it’s the least I can do to help. There are also numerous other organisations that you can donate directly to. Any amount of support helps those fighting for their lives, and for their homes. Despite all the loss, it’s incredible to see that people from all over the world are banding together to aid the efforts. #australiaisburning #bushfire #redcross #cfa #wildlife

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25 people. 1 billion animals. 25 thousand koalas. 10.7 million hectares. Numbers still rising. I couldn’t stay quiet, but I couldn’t move either. This world is turning scarier by the minute, darker, burning either due to fires or wars. Many know about Australia’s bushfires, burning up for over 4 months now and there’s no prediction on when this hell will end. Do you know what can never end though? Hope. Faith. Love. Actions. We all feel in our hearts the weight of doing what we are doing to our planet and all living beings who live here with us. A massive weight but this can’t be it. We use our hands to do evil, but also to do good. So let’s wake up and do something. Even the smallest thing can make the difference. Sorry for this long post but I’ve been feeling so… I had to do something. Let’s raise awareness together, let’s use our voices in this community, let’s donate even with 1 euro or dollar or anything, let’s volunteer, let’s do good in our own countries, let’s speak and speak and not stay silenced. Use what you best have to offer to help others. Either writing or drawing or building or even a simple hug. I was very emotional while doing this post, this art, but I’m trying to be short here (yeah, short) because I’ve got so many questions, so much to say but it all comes down to this: help the world, pray for those who suffer, protect the innocent and fight the devils. Thank you for reading. . . . . . . #australia #bushfiresaustralia #art #artwork #episode #noticemeepisode #donate #koalas #savetheplanet #savetheanimals #savethebiodiversity #fightfire #protect #speak #saveaustralia #redcross #wwf #noticemeepisodecreators #noticemeaxiom

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